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Halogen Heater of Spot Heating

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High-efficiency spot heaters combined with specially-designed gold mirrors on the halogen lamps.

HSH-1 100V-2kW Temperature Graph:

Temperature Measurement:HSH-1 100V-2kW

  • Voltage100V
  • Heating Subject: SUS304 (1t×15×15)
  • Thermocouple fixed onto the rear surface of the heating subject and measurements taken.
  • Irradiation distance: 50mm

Product Lineup


  • Various types of heat processing that require clean heat application through to levels of cleanliness, and preheating for semi-conductors
  • Various types of soldering
  • Ceramic sintering
  • Preheating for metal hardening adjustment and bending
  • Various types of heat source units for furnaces and drying processes, etc.
  • Test sample heating within vacuum chambers
  • Spot-heating on the edges of resin, and heat-shrink tube shrinking