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Information on our rules for trading with overseas customers

General conditions for customers who purchase our products from overseas are set forth below.

  1. Payment method => Full cash payment due in advance (in Japanese Yen)
  2. Business terms => FOB
  3. Shipping method => EMS
  4. Packing => Cardboard boxes (maximum 30kg per box)
  5. If you are in China or Korea, we will introduce you to our agent.

* Should you have any inquiries regarding special pickup, delivery for rush orders, cost reductions for large orders and/or requests for successive business dealings, please feel free to contact us.

Ordering process

Ordering process
  1. Discussion regarding desired specification or performance
  2. Confirmation of purchase order sent by customer
  3. Generation and forwarding of invoice to customer
  4. Confirmation of payment
  5. Shipment of ordered products in accordance with shipping conditions