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Super Air Heater MAX (Built-in Low Flow Seasor)

MAX Photo

The MAX Super Air Heater is more compact than Inflidge Industrial’s standard SEN heater, so it can be used without having to set aside special areas. Also, because low air flows can be used with high temperatures, it is suitable for use with lead-free soldering and other types of soldering that require extreme heat.


The advantages of the MAX Super Air Heater are as follows:

  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Highly accurate hot air generated easily when used in combination with the Inflidge Industrial DFC-10
  • Suitable for use with low air flows and high temperatures. (1.5L/min, MAX 600°C)
  • Can be used as a localized heater.
  • Can be used as a non-contact soldering tool by replacing the soldering iron.
  • Can be used as a soldering robot hand.
  • Contributes to energy saving owing to high efficiency.
  • Can also be produced with 200V specifications.

Major Applications

  • Preheating and heating for soldering
  • Small-area drying of adhesive, ink and paint
  • Compact wire coil processing
  • Post-attachment processing for compact tube parts
  • Soldering rework and repairs

Temperature Measurement

Temperature Measurement Conditions

Heater in Use

MAX 100V-180W-A

Location of
Location 5mm from the heater nozzle measured with a type K thermocouple.
Air Flow Volume 3L/min and 1.5L/min

*The data listed on the left is in combination with digital flow controller (DFC-10) manufactured by Inflidge Industrial.

Temperature measurement graph

Product Photos

Product Photos