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Super Air Heater DFC-10 Digital Flow Controller
(Temperature Control, Flow Meter)

Part Names

Part Names
1 Flow setting and display 9 3) Sensor (thermocouple) input terminal (+)
2 Temperature setting and display 4) Sensor (thermocouple) input terminal (-)
3 Flow adjustor power switch 5) Event output terminal (COM)
4 Thermostat power switch 6) Event output terminal (EV1)
5 Fuse 7) Event output terminal (EV2)
6 Flow outlet (for φ6 pipes) 8) External input terminal (RSW1)
7 Flow inlet (for φ6 pipes) 9) External input terminal (COM) (shared with flow meter)
8 Power input terminal 10 Flow adjustor connector
9 Temp cont terminal 10) Event output terminal (EV1)
1) Heater output terminal 11) External input terminal (RSW1)
2) Heater output terminal 12) External input terminal (RSW2)


Voltage AC100V 50 / 60Hz AC200V 50 / 60Hz
Heater in Use SEN , MAX
Temperature Range 0 to 800°C
Control System Thermostat: PID, Flow Meter: Proportional Solenoid Valve
Accuracy Thermostat: ±0.5% FS, Flow Meter: ±0.2% FS
Event Output Thermostat: Event Output Points: 2, Flow Meter: Event Output Points: 1
Rated Output Thermostat: AC250V 3A, DC30V 1A, Flow Meter: DC30V 15mA
External Input Thermostat: External Input Points: 1, Flow Meter: External Input Points: 2
Input Method Thermostat/Flow Meter: Non-voltage Contact or Open Collector
Gas Type Air/Nitrogen *Note 1
Control Range 1 to 20 L/min
Withstand Voltage 0.5 Mpa
Differential Pressure
0.2 Mpa
Range of Operational
Differential Pressure
0.05 Mpa to 0.3 Mpa
Dimensions W161×H119 (including rubber feet) ×D200 (excluding terminal block)
Weight Approximately 2.5kg

* Specifications are subject to alteration for improvement purposes without prior notice.

Note 1: Must be dry air containing no corrosive content (chlorine, sulfur, acid). Clean air containing no dust or oil mist.